Effective Heartworm Treatment & Prevention in West Ashley

You love your pet, and you want them to be healthy and feel good. At Southside Animal Hospital, we offer reliable diagnosis and treatment of heartworm. Our team is passionate about protecting your pet's health so you can enjoy years of your furry friend's loyalty and love.

We are proud to boost the health of pets with effective heartworm treatment in West Ashley, Southwest Charleston, Johns Island, and the surrounding areas. You can trust that we will treat your dog or cat with compassion, regardless of their age or current health situation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


How Do Pets Get Heartworm?

Active pets love the great outdoors, but being outside exposes them to a variety of different illnesses and parasites, like heartworms. This parasitic worm is often present in mosquitos and is transferred when a mosquito bites your dog or cat. The heartworm enters your pet's body, reaches maturity, mates, and spreads. Heartworm is often discovered in a cat or dog's heart, lungs, and blood vessels and must be dealt with quickly to prevent disease as well as organ failure and damage.

How Can I Protect My Pet from Heartworm?

Mosquitos have a way of disrupting your day, whether you're taking your puppy for a walk or petting your cat inside your home. The fact that mosquitos can show up anywhere at any time makes prevention an essential part of protecting your pet from heartworms. Here are some of the most effective ways to keep your pet safe from the heartworm parasites:

  • Wellness Checks: A simple way to protect your pet's overall health is to bring them in for their annual check-up. Our friendly team loves animals and performs thorough wellness checks to accurately diagnose any health issues.
  • Diet: A healthy diet plays an important role in your pet's well-being. A balanced diet gives the body the nutrients it needs to fight off infection and protect itself from parasites.
  • Vaccines: It's important to maintain your pet's vaccines on a yearly basis to protect them from parasites and diseases.
  • Awareness: Pay attention to your surroundings because avoiding areas of standing water, which are a breeding ground for mosquitos, can help you protect your pet from heartworm. If your pet is strictly indoors, then you can use bug zappers and other forms of pest control to keep mosquitos at bay.
  • Medication: We care about protecting your pet, and our team can provide recommendations for topical or ingestible medication to wipe out heartworm.

Our West Ashely Heartworm Treatment Process

We know your pet is an important part of your family, which is why we offer full and comprehensive exams. Our friendly team will gently check your pet from nose to tail for any signs of infection, disease, or other health problems. Heartworm parasites are an internal issue, and you may not see any physical symptoms initially. That is why we run blood tests to ensure our exam is thorough and our diagnosis is accurate.

Once we have determined the presence of heartworms, we will prescribe either a topical or oral medication to remove the parasites and restore your pet's health. Our team will provide instructions and tips to help you care for your pet during the recovery process and protect them from heartworm parasites in the future.

Heartworm Treatment FAQs

It's natural to want to understand your pet's well-being and learn how to help them enjoy a long, healthy life. Our team welcomes your questions, and we are happy to provide the answers and information you need to choose the treatment that's right for your pet. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about heartworm.

Is it safe to treat heartworm in a pregnant or nursing dog?

Heartworm treatments are safe for pregnant or nursing dogs. Our compassionate team recommends your dog carry their litter to full term before beginning heartworm treatment. If your pet has an advanced case, our veterinarian may recommend a different treatment plan.

If your pet has tested positive for heartworms, there are a few things to watch for until the parasites are eradicated. Due to the damage heartworms do to the heart and lungs, it's best to avoid exercise and allow your pet to heal.

Yes. Puppies and kittens are especially vulnerable to parasites, including heartworm, because their immune systems are still developing.

Protecting Your Pet from Heartworm in West Ashely

Your pet has a way of making your day brighter, and you want to help them feel great, too. At Southside Animal Hospital, we offer heartworm medicine for dogs and cats so they can enjoy a healthy life. You can trust our team to provide quality veterinary care because we love animals. Whether your new puppy needs their first wellness check or your senior cat has lost weight, you can rely on our team to thoroughly check for heartworm and provide the treatment plan your pet needs. Contact us today to schedule your pet's appointment and get them the heartworm treatments they need.